Tuesday, 22 October 2013

R.T Millinery - Look Book Experiments.

I started designing the look book with a very simple approach. Incorporating my logo, type and block colour to create a composition. I experimented with a few different compositions but I felt that there needed to be a few more additional elements and developed branding to create a stronger look.

I then moved on with this concept as I felt the use of block colour was still successful. Although I did alter the original layout so they type could fill the whole page and framed it with two thin lines. To highlight this I carried on the base line to the opposite page and used it as a guide to add the title of the content. Originally I just used the initials 'P.R' but I wondered if this would be clear enough for the audience, so I swapped it for the original logo and wrote the title out in full. I feel that this is a aesthetically clear and interesting composition.

After deciding that I was happy with this look I then transferred to the introductory page, but I found that without the additional text it looked empty and bland. Also because this spread follows straight behind the other one it would have been quite repetitive. This is why I introduced the photograph as I thought it would set the scene and also add interest. I further developed this by making it into a duotone image to follow the colour scheme. I then followed this whole process but with the cover.

First Complete Draft

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