Thursday, 17 October 2013

R.T Millinery - Millinery Branding Research.

Robyn Coles

This logo design has quite a classic feel. Having the designers name in a handwritten type style gives it a personal look that could help the audience relate to the brand. It is also quite sophisticated which also gives the impression of a high standard finish to the products.

Emma Brown

This is another logo with a sophisticated style, I think this is helped by the serif typeface as it has links with these connotations. Although this has a similar feel to the previous example I prefer this as it has a much more contemporary feel.

Miss Millinery

I really like this logo as it is a lot more creative than the other examples. The use of bright colour is great and helps it to stand out. The type style and use of imagery gives a more modern look that would appeal to a different target audience than the previous examples.

Jackie Howell

I'm really not a fan of this design as I feel it looks so old fashioned and uninspiring. The colours are drab which makes me think that the products produced by this company would be the same. I also don't understand how the wheat symbol bares any connection the brand.

Nigel Rayment

This design has a more contemporary feel that I prefer. I also like how the designers initials have been used to create the logo as I feel this helps to create a stronger link to the brand. Having this separate logo is also good as it allows there to more options when applying the branding to items. For example it could stand alone or with the supporting type.

The Saucy Milliner

This is one of my favourite logos as I love the clean and sophisticated look. I think a clever piece of this design is the statement letter 'M'. Having this quirky touch brings something memorable to the branding, whilst still remaining classy. I think this is an approach I may consider for my own designs.

Ladies & Gentleman Millinery


This is another piece that I think is really successful. It retains a traditional feel that is associated with millinery without look kitsch or cliche. I think the use of brown card is great as it really compliments the rest of the design. The introduction of a print also adds a really decorative feel, but because it is just in black it isn't distracting.

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