Saturday, 12 October 2013

Brabantia - Initial Designs.

From my initial research I have started creating some retro style patterns using some simple shapes. I have also used the colour palettes I found to increase this look. The designs I have done are quite varied and there are some I definitely prefer. I feel that the ones on the left have a very flat appearance that doesn't appeal to me, the use of colour has given a very two dimensional look without any depth. Whereas the other patterns have used colour in a way to either highlight the shapes or create form, using light and shadow or a transparency effect. My favourite is the set of circles as I like how the interact together to create a pattern within the main pattern. The curved segments link together to give the impression of another circle, I really like this effect.

After deciding on the design that I liked the best I experimented with other colour options. I feel the ones that exaggerated the light and shade by using two tones of similar colours work the best ad they highlight the form the most. Whilst doing this stage I found it interesting that by using different colours it can really change the feel of the design, each colour set would appeal to a different style of individual.  I also experimented by using all of the colours in one design and even though I like it on a small scale I think on a larger composition with more repeats it could look to busy.

After deciding on my favourite colour I increased the scale, I feel that this works more successfully as the more subtle circles become more visible as there is a lot more of them. I really like this effect. I have also added other aspects to the composition to give more detail. Initially I added a floral shape but the positioning was to random, so I moved on to a linear design on the background, I liked this as it was a subtle way of adding texture and interest. Finally I created a vine type design that passed underneath the main shapes, I like how this has created dimension.

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