Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Galina London - Branded Ephemera Research.

I have began researching into how a shops brand can be applied to a variety of products within the environment. I have selected a range that are not necessarily in the sector of Galina London as I think this will give me a broader range of ideas and more inspiration.

Five Kids

This store is obviously suited for a parent and child market so the style of design isn't something I'm necessarily looking at but more the products they have placed this look on. There is a definite consistency across the range and I like how the characters and print work simultaneously. I really like how this print has been applied to the till roll as it gives a really playful touch, suitable for the audience.


This is a more masculine brand and I feel the branding really supports that. The shop front looks really effective and ties in very well with the selection of supporting ephemera. I really like the contact card where the customer can fill in their details. I also like how there are two sizes of bags that are identified by the use of inverted colour, this is a clever way to add variation.


There is a very strong sense of brand across these items, which is created by the use of colour and shape. The logo itself is very simple but because of these other aspects it gains a real feel of personality. I think how all the items fit together in a creative pack is really interesting as it brings all the design aspects together. I also like how the polka dot's have been applied to the box packaging to add a finishing touch.

Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer

This design is very simple but there are some subtle touches that show it has been thought about very carefully. For example on the box some parts of the logo have been cut through so that the tissue inside the box shows through and adds a pop of colour. The labels are also a selection of cards in different coloured stocks which I think looks really effective.

Air Clothing

I think the branding of this store has been applied cleverly to this variety of products. I like how there is a base design for the carrier bag but it has been altered to create a variety of interpretations. This could be something that the customer would want to collect, therefore purchasing more products. Promotional material has also been designed which is something I hadn't necessarily considered.

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