Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Galina London - Label Experiments.

I have started experimenting with some possible label designs to apply to the brand. I initially looked at possible layouts incorporating the text and image aspects and found that they don't necessarily have to be used together to be recognisable. Although I found that when they weren't both incorporated the composition looked slightly bare.

I then continued with my preferred layout and also started experimenting with the pink colour used for the logo submission. An idea that really appealed to me from my research was the use of multiple layers. I have taken this and developed it to take advantage of the different stages. I thought about using laser cut on the image aspect so that the colour on the base shows through highlighting the shape. I then moved further to also cut the text but I feel that on a practical level this will not work as the letters are very delicate and some could be deconstructed, for example the 'a's' and 'o's' as the centre pieces would be removed.

From this I then developed the form so that the base piece of card would be longer and appear below the base of the other. This allows the text to be placed there and still be visible. I think this layout is most successful and takes advantage of the different layers the best. I finally experimented with some new colours, although I feel they look tacky and not suitable for the brand.

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