Wednesday, 16 October 2013

R.T Millinery - Emails 1.

Here are a selection of emails between myself and Rosie that document the process so far as a lot has happened before I returned to Leeds. The messages started on Facebook to get an initial connection and then continued via email in a more professional setting. I was really happy and enthusiastic when I received the first message detailing the project as it was something I was very interested in developing over level 6. It was also more exciting as it was a live brief and something that would be used within a real environment, rather than a proposed project.

Initially Rosie sent me some examples of the current business cards she was using. Although after some discussion further down the line we decided not to use this design style as I felt it wasn't right for her brand and I could create something more suitable.

Rosie also sent me some other design examples from current look books that she liked. This was a lot more helpful as I felt that they were of a high quality and I liked the clean aesthetic. I also used some of the things I had learnt from these pieces to influence my very initial designs.

I created this very basic example after viewing the look book examples that Rosie said she liked. I have included a few screen shots. I used a serif typeface as I felt it was suitable for the Millinery sector. I also used colours that were linked to the photographs I was given to work with. I was really relieved when Rosie was happy with these initial designs.

Once I had returned to Leeds we arranged to meet so we could discuss things further and in person.

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