Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Galina London - Adding Colour.

I have chosen my favourite designs and have started experimenting with applying colour. I chose to do a block colour as the background opposed to white as I think it creates a lot more impact and I like how the logo looks really crisp and sharp on top of it. I have experimented with three different colours and have found that the black and pink is most successful but I would like to tone down the black to a deep grey as I think that would be better aesthetically. As it stands the top design is my favourite but I would like to do some more development to see if it can be improved.

After some feedback I have made some further changes and have now filled in the baroque pattern to a deeper shade of the background colour. I feel this looks a lot better as before the shape competed a lot with the text and was more difficult to read, whereas now it is a lot more subtle and compliments the design. I started by using grey and a bright pink and even though I like both, they also had drawbacks. Where one was to feminine I thought the other wasn't girly enough. I decided to continue with the pink but in a deeper shade to give a more sophisticated look.

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