Sunday, 13 October 2013

Brabantia - Further Designs.

After further research I have been inspired to design some more variations of my retro pattern ideas. I wanted to develop the floral theme as on my last attempt they didn't have the style I was hoping for and floral is something very popular within this sector.

I started by creating a simple design and experimented with the colour options. I like how with this design the use of colour highlights the fact that the shapes are overlapping with the mix of tones. I really like the bright and youthful feel and even though the colours are so varied they still work well as a set.

I then started organising the shapes to form a repeated pattern and because I liked all the colours together I started by using this approach. However I found that is a larger bulk it look slightly unorganised and to get a clean finish I may have to pick a specific colour theme. At first I experimented with a pink and orange look, I feel that this was successful as all the tones coordinated well together and created a look that was easy on the eye. Next I looked at more of zingy appearance and this I was really happy with, the acid greens and turquoise really compliment each other to give an exciting end result.

Because I liked this colour arrangement so much I applied it to my previous pattern design to see if it worked as successfully. Unfortunately I feel that it doesn't work right and the colours appear to bright and sickly because there isn't the contrast of the darker tones to offset it.

I then experimented with the layout of the elements in the pattern to see if I could find a better composition. Although I found that the designs that were in a cross formation gave a tiled affect that made each piece seem quite separate and there was a lot of white space. On the other hand the linear pattern was very close together and there is more focus on the lines than there is on the floral design.

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