Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Galina London - Logo Designs.

I initially had the idea that I wanted to include a strap/belt icon to the link the name of the brand with it's products in a subtle way and also give the logo an image element. Although I felt that after trying this it didn't give the feel that I was hoping for and the idea didn't translate. it could be an idea I come back to but for the moment I will continue with some different ideas.

I then looked at using a bold typeface as during my research I liked the appearance this gave on some of the examples. Although I felt when I tried this for myself it wasn't as successful as I'd hoped and it reminds me a shampoo or hair care logo. To try and soften the look I incorporated a typeface with  much smaller stroke width but it didn't link well and the logo looked unbalanced.

Moving on from this I decided that I liked the serif typeface I had just used previously and decided to develop it. I incorporated a simple, sans serif font as I felt it complimented the other and also created a hierarchy that I thought was necessary. I adjusted the form of the letters to be more equal in height and width as I thought it made the composition better and also added a thin line as a finishing touch.

After feeling a lot more happy with the direction the logo was going I got more experimental and tried to create an aspect that would make it more memorable. I started by using the 'A's' as a focal point and using the crossbars to link with an underline, but I feel this looks very odd and unpleasing to look at. I then move forward to highlight the 'I' using the same technique of linking it to the underline as I felt this technique was successful. I then added the 'London' and I think this really helps to finish off the layout. I really like this logo but I'm unsure whether the large 'I' is relevant or whether it distracts from the message of the brand.

From this I decided to develop the ribbon effect in more depth as it's something I think has potential. I experimented with a short and longer version and I think the smaller one is more effective as it looks a lot cleaner and accents the design rather than dominating it. I then added some more decorative ends to each side as a finishing touch.

Continuing with this theme I have now combined two of my favourite ideas together and I am very happy with this end result. I feel having the 'I' as the decorative symbol now justifies having it larger and it adds to the logo rather than being unnecessary. I may do some more development to make the the icon look more like an 'I', but I also think that the pointed edges replicate the look of the serifs well.

Another idea I had for this logo was to incorporate a baroque style icon, as a lot of the materials the brand uses follows this theme. I experimented with the positioning of the new image and found that being placed on top looked bulky and I didn't like the lowered opacity of the block colour underneath. This is why I converted the shape to be linear as I feel it looks a lot better and I like how the lines interact with the type. I would like to do some developments with colour as I feel it would look really interesting.

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