Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Brabantia - Retro Pattern Research.

Tamasyn Gambell


I really like the strong, geometric look of this print. The contrast, of the angled shapes helps to give a three dimensional appearance. I also like the design that uses lines in varied thickness and direction to give a collaged effect that is really interesting to look at. Even with the varied colour schemes, everything works well as a set because of the similar design.

Kate Clarke


I really like the naive quality of this design, that is created by the bold, simple shapes and the use of bright primary colours. The uneven lines used to outline the shapes also give a childlike feel. The use of white as a background and applied on top of the designs looks refreshing.

Lilly Loray


The two colour schemes of these prints really appeal to me, I love the bright, vibrant quality. I also like this take on a floral pattern as it is such a common theme but these designs approach it is a different more simple way. I also like how the aspects repeat so easily to create a continuous flow.

Anemone Letterpress


These patterns have been created using letterpress, which is something I'm not going to do but I still like the shapes on these designs. I am especially attracted to how on one of the patterns the shapes overlap and the colours merge together, I love this effect. The bright colours are very, youthful and definitely relate to the retro theme.

My Minds Eye


These designs are a lot more intricate than the previous ones and have quite a feminine feel. This look is also emphasised by the muted, more pastel colour scheme and also more delicate shapes. I really like these colour tones and how they have been used with a neutral background to complete the look, also how this colour shows through the negative space of the shapes.



I'm not as keen on the colours used in these designs as a prefer a brighter and higher contrast look. The top left design is my favourite as I prefer the more bold, simple shapes as I think it creates a higher impact. On the other prints the shapes are more fluid and I especially am not a fan of the dotted line as it is quite wishy washy.



These two designs follow a linear approach but in two different ways. One uses contrasting colour to emphasise the lines and the other relies on negative space.

Vintage Wallpapers


The colours used in these pattern are very retro they commonly use browns and muted greens which are tones I wouldn't normally consider but in these cases they work very successfully. There is a strong mosaic feel with these designs and the shapes fit well together to give a very compact repeat. I also like how in some cases shapes have been overlapped to create form and dimension.

Spira Inredning


I really like the designs produced by this company. Even though they are all very different they fit with the retro theme because of the choice of colour and use of simple shapes to create the pattern. My favourite is the top left because I like how two shapes cross and a darker colour is used to create the illusion of a transparency effect.

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